Accès Chine is the region's leading independent consulting agency

Accès Chine is an integrated communication company based in Shanghai. We have three full-fledged subsidiaries in Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong.

We offer a great diversity of services:

Public Relation, Advertising, E-Marketing, Event, Seminar, Forum, Expo, Roadshow, Training, Consulting,

Investment Prospection Trip, Cultural Tourism.

The staff of Accès Chine is multi-lingual: Mandarin, English, French

Accès Chine can accompany our clients in any one of these languages.

We believe that ease of communication is essential to the success in China.

Our values are based on quality and effectiveness, commitment, responsiveness and creativity.

Our motto is

Our success factors

A stimulant & Professional Environment

  • Double French-Chinese culture

  • Powerful team spirit

  • Taste of Challenge and exchanges

  • Experienced personnel

  • High-Quality Service

  • Long-term Vision

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