who WE ARE

With a responsibility to nurture the delight into communication, we believe that one could make oneself an important social player, whether man or woman, whether extrovert or introvert, on the condition that one possesses professional skills and attitude.

We are wayward thinkers-learners, doers, and performers defining a new kind of organization at ACCÈS CHINE. If it weren’t for our shared values, our different approaches might make our work together impossible. We’ve created a culture that preserves the creative tensions that develop among all company members. We have a heart for the challenge, for our staff, and for each other.

Our advantage

  • Marketing and Public
    Relations Services

  • Local Customs
    and Cultures

  • Excellent Operational
    and Creative Solutions

  • Attracting
    Strategic Events

  • With our experience we have the ability to understand your commercial and strategic requirements, can effectively increase destination awareness, and formulate results-driven marketing and media programs.

  • we can outstandingly host any event or activity to guarantee you a productive and efficient program, which is in a large breadth and scope showing an understanding of local customs and cultures.

  • We are capable in constructing and operating of all kinds of marketing strategies; We combine excellent operational and creative services into attracting strategic events or activities.

  • In addition to the traditional marketing solution support, we also understand “one solution doesn’t fit all”. Thus, to develop integrated content marketing solutions at each stage of your brands’ journey.

What WE offer

We are dedicated to offer our clients with a full range of innovative sales, creative strategies, marketing and public relations services, to connect you to the world in a better and appropriate way. We strive for professional and ethical behavior in delivering our services. With integrated marketing and E-business operation service, we can make your products have a better awareness among Chinese people.